20 Questions

OK Ladies...Time to play our first game!!!

About the groom! Here are the questions I sent to Taylor:

1. Who said I love you first?
2. Where did you go on your first date?
3. On which date was your first kiss?
4. What is Michael's favorite food?
5. What is Michael's most annoying habit?
6. What is your most annoying habit to him?
7. How many kids does Michael want to have?
8. What is Michael's favorite non-alcoholic drink?
9. What is one thing Michael could not go a day without?
10. What is Michael's favorite band/singer?
11. What is the first restaurant you ate at together?
12. that kind of car did Michael drive in high school?
13. What is the name of Michael's first pet?
14. If Michael could be a famous person, who would it be?
15. Does Michael wear boxers or briefs?
16. If Michael was a superhero, which one would he be?
17. What one DVD does Michael have that he is embarrassed by?
18. What is Michael's favorite physical feature about you?
19. How did Michael find out Santa was make believe?
20. Who saw who first?

I have also sent these exact questions to Michael to answer about himself!

How many do you think Taylor will be able to match to Michael's answers? Leave your number in the comments section before 5 pm on April 30th. I will be back to post the winner the first week of May.

***For each post please write your name: and then then your answer.

EX: Carlie: 7


  1. Ok Ladies it looks like people have been having a problem posting. I looked into this and you have to have a Google account to post. What you need to do is type your comment/post and then select google account in the Comment as bar. Then select publish. That will bring you to the Google account page. Sign up and then you will be able to post. Sorry I just found out this was an issue. Thank you all for participating!

  2. Taylor will get 16 our of 20 correct.

    Marilyn Johnson

  3. Samantha: Taylor will get 15 out of 20 correct.

  4. Dawn Harrison: Taylor will get 17 out of 20 correct.

  5. I want to Thank You all for taking part in Taylor's bridal shower!

    The correct answer to this game is 8. Taylor was able to get 8 of the questions correct :)